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Johan Petro


September 22, 2011

Exploring Overseas and My Revamped Van

By Johan Petro

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March 2011

From London to Jersey, Johan was everywhere in the last full month of the regular season.


February 2011

Johan asserted himself at either end of the floor as the Nets moved through February.

In my last blog, I wrote about the work I've been putting in this offseason to get ready for next season. It's really important to me the best player I can be.

But there's only so much you can do individually, so as we get closer to possibly missing games I'm thinking more about possibly going overseas to play for a bit, just to stay fresh.

Now that we're getting into what would be the month before our training camp, when everybody gets together and starts getting the chemistry back, its really looking like that's not going to happen.

So going back overseas is getting closer. I think it's an option that I have to explore. I can't afford not to. I need to play. I can't stay inactive when I don't know how long it will be without competition.

If you think about it, if a guy like Kobe Bryant is talking about possibly going overseas, surely it's not for the money, it's for the love of the game.

It's because you can't stay inactive that long with no competition. If you call yourself an NBA player you can't do that. That's why most of these guys are talking about going overseas, even if it's for a month or two.

Just for the competition and for the love of the game, you want to go and play. It's also about being ready for the season whenever it does start. A short season means short camp and you need to be in better shape.

It means the playoffs would be closer and if you're going for a championship, you have to be in shape. If you just try to jump into that high-level situation, then you worry about injuries. You have to be in the best shape you possibly can.

While I wait out the lockout here in New Jersey, I've been trying to stay busy and get things in order. One thing I was able to do with some spare time was finally fix up my van.

I'm seven-feet tall so there aren't many cars that I can be comfortable in and drive comfortably. So what I did last season was, I got a 2001 Chevy 1500 van with a high-top. But when I got it, the only thing this car had that was in good condition was the motor. Everything else was just bad. Really bad. So what I did this summer was I just revamped the car. Now it looks like a little house on wheels.

I got my Chevy van fixed up so now I can ride around in style and comfort!

There wasn't much time to revamp it, during the season, so before the summer I rode around in it for a while. The guys on the team gave me trouble about it because it looked like a piece of junk. Every day I had them asking "What's wrong with you?" "Why would you even think about driving that?" But I just went with it because I knew I'd have the last laugh.

I knew it would look great once I got done with it. I met a guy who gave me a great deal for redoing the whole van. He had the van for two weeks this summer and now it's amazing.

Most of the guys on the team haven't seen it yet. They're going to be pretty shocked when they do because you would think that I bought a new van. It's not recognizable from what it was before. On the exterior, they repainted it and changed the wheels. Then of course they changed the whole inside. The only thing left is the car parts under the hood. Now it's a great van and a great way for a big guy like me to get around.

So if you're ever driving around New Jersey or New York and see a big guy like me driving a Chevy van, don't think twice. Just wave!