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Johan Petro


September 13, 2011

Offseason Adjustments & Hard Work

By Johan Petro

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March 2011

From London to Jersey, Johan was everywhere in the last full month of the regular season.


February 2011

Johan asserted himself at either end of the floor as the Nets moved through February.

After spending the first five seasons of his career out west, Johan Petro made his way east last year and signed a three-year contract with the New Jersey Nets.

Following his first season in New Jersey, Johan has taken time to reflect on the start of this new chapter in his career. He's also hit the gym hard this summer in an effort to become a more complete player. He shares the experience so far in his latest blog entry:

Coming to New Jersey was a really good move for me. When I got to Jersey, I felt welcomed from the whole organization. So it was a really good experience for me this year.

I got the chance to play a little bit more than the year before and all I can do is try to make the most of the opportunity that I've received last year, next year and the year after that.

Johan is looking to get better after his first season with the Nets in New Jersey.

As an NBA player, you always want to challenge yourself. You always want to evaluate yourself. I did ok last year, but I could've done better. That's why I'm still here in New Jersey training and working out. I'm trying to work out my flaws and correct the down points of my game. That's how you get better.

Last season was better than the season before it, but compared to where I want to be, that's not good enough. I want to perform at a higher level. I've been working on my jump shot and my post game, also working with my body. That's something I'm really focused on, trying to get stronger, trying to get faster.

I work out in New York and I've been working with a basketball skills guy and a muscle guy at the gym I go to. I've been going to the gym three times a week working on a weight-training program.

My goal is to put every thing that I can to my advantage so that there is no turning back. I'll never look back at this summer and say I could've done more or I could've done better. I'm working hard and hopefully it's going to pay off.

Working out has taken a lot of my free time this summer. I went back to France for 10 days, but it was really fast, I didn't have time to do much with the schedule that I have back here in the States. Usually I try to go back every summer, but this was the quickest one.

The lockout has actually given me time to work on stuff that I might not have had time to work on if we didn't have a lockout. So that's a positive. But still, no one wants a lockout.

No one wants to be out of a job. So I'm just hopeful that the situation can be worked out as soon as possible.

I'm pretty close with all my teammates, but during the summer, none of them are here in New Jersey or even in New York. They all go back to their hometowns. So I'm pretty much on my own here and it's kind of a hard situation for me. You can't talk to anyone with the team or in the league office.

This is my first summer that I can't even go to my own practice facility and that's kind of tough. But I'm trying to keep busy, going to fundraisers. I love to give back to the community because that's very important.

As for the team, I can't wait to see what the future holds here. This summer was supposed to be the time for New Jersey to get after the free agent market, but the lockout has stalled that. I can't wait to see who they're going to bring in to complete our team and turn that corner.

I think we're going to make a run at the playoffs and then go from there. I have great expectations for this team and that's why I need to work on my game. There's going to be a lot asked of all of us and it's going to be great to be a part of that.